Question Asus p8h67-m does not recognize all rams

Jun 12, 2022
hello guys!

a couple of months ago i bought a motherboard asus p8h67-m as mentioned in title. i installed i5 3470 cpu and 12gb of ram (4*3) and it worked perfectly fine. but some days ago i upgraded cpu to i7 3770 but now mother board does not recognize all 3 rams of 12gb. at first i thought that one of my ram is faulty but when i installed each single ram in all slots i came to know that rams and slots are working fine. but if i install all 4 rams in slot A1 and A2 B1 and B2 only 2 of them are recognized. means u can use only one dim out of A1 and A2. if any one have solution pls guide

edit: have installed cpu z and it shows all 3 rams. but windows only detect 2 out of 3
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if any one have solution pls guide
This topic here tells you all about what is happening and what you can do next,
further reading:

But in a nutshell, if you want to have all the RAM working, you need to buy all of it in a single set.
You getting 3x RAM sticks working at the same time, is luck. And the fact that you don't get all of them running anymore, with different CPU, means that you've run out of luck.