ASUS P8P67 Deluxe and Bios 3207 Question


May 26, 2012
Hello people, I have a question that needs to be answered:

Yesterday I checked updates through ASUS AI Suite II(My bios version was 2302) and it showed me there is newer one named 3207.

So I downloaded then flashed, it asked me restart PC so I clicked yes. Before Windows 7 screen came, a screen named "AMIBIOS Megatrends" said I need to flash to BIOS again with same version and F1 to continue.

Before I started flashing BIOS for second time, Windows 7 said "Installing device driver software" I let it finish, then it asked me to restart PC, I clicked "Restart later" and proceeded with second flash, after finishing second flash, again AI Suite II asked me to restart PC, I clicked yes.

I noticed PC opened faster this time, then I noticed it didn't show Marvell screen after ASUS Logo.

Out of curiosity I checked ASUS website and it said:

"*Please update Bios twice when update from previous Bios version, then need CLRTC."

I got two question:

1-) 10 hours passed since twice-flashing process, is it fine if I do CLRTC now?

2-) About CLRTC, do I simply have to shut down PC, remove power cord, and click the switch behind of the case? or do I have to remove BIOS battery too?

Please answer urgently, I'm totally desperate about what to do.


Jul 14, 2011
1) Yes you perfectly can.

2) Look below,

a. Toggle the switch to "off" position on the back of your power supply. If it has any.

b. Then unplug the power cord. Wait for your motherboard lights to powered out (only certain models apply).

c. Take the battery out and change the jumper back and forth.

d. Now repeat step a-c in reverse order. Hold DEL while pressing the power button on your computer. Enter your BIOS info.


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