ASUS p8p67 le - no post, no fans, no life?


Oct 21, 2011
I finished installing my new system yesterday. Components are:

ASUS p8p67 le mobo
intel i5 2500k
8gb (2/4gb) corsair vengeance unbuffered.
Radeon HD 6870 Sapphire video card
OCZ Gamexstream 700w power supply


SO, I've gone through just about everything I can think of besides clearing the CMOS ram,

I'm 99% positive that I am in no way incorrectly grounded to the chassis

My 24pin and both of my 12v 4pins are plugged into 8pin the 12v plug.

All of my case connections (ide +-, hd led, power, reset) are all connected to the correct pins.

Knowing all of that, what do you guys think about this situation?

Upon power up, I plug the PSU into the wall, and flip it's switch to on, the standby LED on the mobo lights up.
I then press the power button on the front of the case, I can hear the psu (fan) start to emit some kind of noise. (it's very quiet) However, the front panel LED does not light, no fan in the case or on the mobo spins, and there are no beep codes as far as I know.

(can you hear a beep code through headphones? or only through a speaker put into the 4pin speaker connection?)

What do you guys think?

I had this PSU in my old machine not two days ago, so I'm fairly certain it should be fine.

Excessive ripple on the OCZ GameXstream 700W power supply's +12V rails.

Some motherboards are sensitive to excessive ripple on the +12V rails since these rails provide all of the power used by the CPU and graphics card(s) it will damage them in time. It can cause the symptom that you are experiencing.

Just because a power supply works in an old system does not mean that it will work properly in a new system. There are enough posts in this forum that confirms this.

You won't hear beep codes through headphones.

Have you tried breadboard testing? Assemble the components together outside of the computer case and booting up to prove that the system works before installing everything into the case.


Oct 21, 2011
Okay, so I've stripped a case speaker out of my old case, and I've realized a few things.

Firstly, never tie all your cables down beautifully before you test your system. Noob mistake.

Secondly, should the fact that the psu led and fan do NOT come on indicate a faulty psu?
Let's hope so, I've ordered a new psu so hopefully that will clean this up.

Thirdly, should all mobo standoff screws be uniform? The two that were in my haf 912 case have sleeves on the top. Not the standard hexagonal Prism.
When the OCZ GameXstream 700W power supply is properly connected to the motherboard and the AC power cable is plugged into the power supply unit and you turn on the power supply's power switch you should see the SB_PWR LED on the motherboard light up to indicate that the motherboard is receiving Standby Power.

If the SB_PWR LED doesn't light up there is a problem with the power supply unit.