Question Asus P8P67 Pro + 6 10TB HDD

Oct 5, 2022
Hi guys,

I know lot has ask but I cant found something that match my motherboard and cant confirm.

First, my questions is, did any one try or can be confirm that Asus P8P67 Pro motherboard can support 10TB HDD (single 10TB HDD not total 10TB) or not?

so I need help from expert to confirm first before I purchase.

My PC Spec:

Motherboard: Asus P8P67Pro
CPU: Intel I7 2600K
RAM: Corsair RAM 16GB
Primary SSD: Corsair Force 3 256GB SSD
Drive: Asus DVD RW
Casing: Cooler Master Storm Casing / Modded + (4 unit x 5 Slot HDD Rack = 20 Slot HDD)
Add On: 1X PCIE 10 Port Sata Expansion Card
Power Supply: Cooler Master 1000W Silver Power Supply
Casing FAN: 200mm Casing Fan X2, 120mm Casing Fan X1
OS: Windows 10 64-Bit

Current Storage: 6 Unit 2TB HDD / 6 Unit 3 TB HDD / 4 Unit 4 TB HDD (NO RAID only as normal drive and share out on my network)

This is my old PC that I use as a file storage to save video and photo and backup image for some time already, but now all hard drive is nearly full.

I wish to upgrade all my 16 Drive to 10TB drive so I will have 160TB space for future use.


1. I have try to install a 6TB drive before some time ago, but the motherboard cant detect the drive, on BIOS and in windows also wont show the drive.
(Tested with WD Red Drive)

2. after I plug in the 6TB HDD to the P8P67 Pro, it shrink the HDD size from 6TB to 32 GB/MB (I forgot is GB or MB is remember it shrink the size to 32)

3. I have to plug the 6TB HDD to my new PC Ryzen 9 / Gigabyte X570 Motherboard and use the Seagate Sea Tools to return the HDD capacity back to 6TB.

4. I try to install the HDD few time back to my P8P67 Pro motherboard, with legacy & uefi setting both is the same, cant detect the HDD and shrink the size.

5. I have try few HDD and most best support and auto detectable is 4TB HDD

but now I saw some explanations on web said:

1. Yes P67 motherboard could support HDD more then 10 TB

2. just need to set the BIOS to UEFI

3. take off all others HDD first and update the BIOS to latest version.

4. plug in only 1 10TB HDD at a time and the BIOS will detect it

5. after bios detect all the 10 TB HDD install and reformat the main HDD/SSD with fresh install OS (64-Bit)

6. after Format, in windows, create the 10TB HDD with GPT partitions and format it, then can support the 10 TB HDD.

so again, did anyone sure is Ausu P8P67 Pro could support 10 TB HDD?
Add On: 1X PCIE 10 Port Sata Expansion Card
Can you provide link to the product?
Did you check specs of the card on what capacity drives are supported?

Anyway - max supported drive capacity depends on your add on card (not motherboard), since drives are connected to the card.

Also it depends on OS. But you're using windows 10, then that is not an issue.
For example with windows vista you'd have OS issue also.
Oct 5, 2022
Can you provide link to the product?
Did you check specs of the card on what capacity drives are supported?

something like this, but surely not this brand, this is new version, the one I bought is older version and no brand, that I cant find online, mine I bought form China Shenzhen "Technology Town" the time I on business trip to China.

and yes my card could support 10TB HDD, I have try and test on the shop before I bought it on China. they plug in their PC and tested with few HDD from 1TB, 4TB, 6TB, 8TB, and 10TB, and they also plug in SSD for testing and working fine.

the time I plug in the 6TB HDD not plug on the card, first plug is direct on my motherboard SATA Port.