Jan 15, 2012
Both cards Gen 3 z68

I'm undecided between both motherboards

Does anyone know which of these is the best?

And if you are a real owner, what's your experience with it ? what other hardware parts are you using?

I like Asus because it has more usb and bluetooth, could save me a pci card slot to add more... I know asrock is the cheaper version of asus, but I don't know because I read reviews of it and I liked it a lot too.

I read in newegg about people receiving dead boards and some others died after some weeks of use... more from asus than asrock, asrock only had more complains about incompatibility like keyboard or memories not being recognized.

I'm about to throw a dice and decide it like that :pt1cable:

Please help me choose! I'll be gaming with it! hopefully everything maxed