Asus P8z68-z Rapid Beeps 30 seconds during runtime

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May 16, 2011
Okay, I have been doing Google searches and searched here, but found nothing just like what I have going on. Depending
on how I used search terms could have 150 posts to weed thru or 2500 plus.

First. THe symptoms: During regular run time NOT POST or BOOT, the system board will beep RAPIDLY for perhaps 30-40 seconds
duration then stop. Beep frequency is about 2 to 3 per second. This occurs during regular PC operations at what appears to be
random times and 2 to 4 times a day. No odd or ill effects are observed other than the damn PC board beeping like a mad hatter.
THis has been going on for about 2 weeks. THis system I built back in 5/2011 from scratch.

The Beeping fit can occur during just normal light PC use (web browsing) or during a intense graphics load game.
No blue screens. No related apparent cause or result, other than the beeping driving me nuts.

I have written ASUS today describing the problem in detail and hope they reply with something. In the meantime
I was hoping maybe someone here has input. I will follow up with my results from ASUS as this goes on, until I figure out what the
hell is going on.

System Built back in 05/2011.
Asus P8z68-v PRO
System BIOS updated yesterday to 1101 (latest) Prior to that it was original BIOS.
Asus Software up to date.
CPU: Intel I7-2600K w moderate overclock not extreme.
8 GB of Corsair 1600 RAM (matched)
CPU Cooler: Corsair H50
GPU: Nvidia GTX580
Power Supply: Seasonic GOLD 750

Windows 7 64 bit fully patched.

I've tried watching the FAN RPM levels and can see nothing there. CPU FAN, GPU Fan and the other monitored fans appear to
be spinning fine. Voltages seem okay during the beeping events and I've not noted anything there either.

In short, I can see nothing obviously wrong.
Nothing about this type of BEEP event is in the manual. THey only describe a few short beep codes for post and nothing
is mentioned about a rapid beep of this duration during NON POST periods.

I have found references on the net to GENERIC bios codes but not specific. In those cases it appears it (my description of rapid continuous beep) may be tied to power supply , memory, or system board issues and in some cases video card. However those are Generic codes and from what I read one can not go by that at all as system board makers modify beep codes, which is why I've contacted ASUS about this.

Finally, what is bothersome is it is just random thru the day. Example. I"ve been at this PC for 8 hours now. No beep fits yet.
I'm tempted to point at the power supply but that means spending money just to diagnose. I suppose it would be cheaper
and easier than to blame the MOBO right off... I could go on. PS. I always fix my own PC systems since the 1980's. Rare for
me to post in confusion like this!

So, feel free to offer something if you have any ideas.

I can provide more detail if something was missed above.
I don't think it's the H50 with the beeping sound.
It's either one of the softwares or the BIOS settings for FAN/Temps that causing the beeping.
Now , it seems there are 3 or 4 things that can make the rig beep during regular running.
1) If the fan/fans, any of them, go below the threshold RPM then the rig starts to Beep.

Solution : Check the BIOS first to see what speeds have been set as thresholds, change them to lower values if possible. Also , check programs in windows that are controlling the fans to have them setup the same way they were/are setup in the BIOS.

2) If the temps cross a threshold limit set by us , then it starts to beep.

Solution: Again check BIOS and Software setting to either Increase the tripping Value or set it up to be ignored.

3) The BT device, detecting another BT device in the Vicinity, could also end up sending a beeping sound.

Solution: Enable it only when you use it then disable it.

4) If there is a setting in the BIOS that monitors Current automatically, and that goes Above the Thresholds set or below the lower limit then the beeps come on.

Solution: Disable those options, especially that Anti Surge Protection.


May 16, 2011
I'll post back in a day or two. Not heard from Asus yet but I think
alyoshka may have the best answer choice.

I did go back to check the fan speeds during another beeping fit event and managed this time to catch the Asus Suite II reporting tool (monitor) to highlight the CPU fan speed in yellow during the event.
This time the fan speed was reported at 595 RPM, it usually hovers just above 600 RPM at typical low level loads and I did go into BIOS settings and have now set threshold to 500 RPM. Prior to this it had been set to 600RPM low threshold.

I guess after six months of use this was the first time (past 2 weeks) that the
CPU fan would dip below the 600 RPM mark.
Note again I"m using the Corsair H50 so this is a water pump speed reported not the actual fan on the radiator.

I'll run a few days to see if this was the actual problem and post back again if resolved and select alyoshka's response as best answer.

Thank you much. For some reason the ASUS manual that comes with my mother
board does NOT list this sort of beep event or reasons for it. THey only list
a few POST (boot event) codes.

I should state for the record I had incorrectly reported the beep code frequency at 2 times a second. It is more like 4 beeps per second and lasted 30 seconds. Very panic sounding.

I'll also state the other day I fully load tested the CPU/cooler combo again using
(EDIT) PRIme 95 and the cooler is still doing fine under major 100 percent load.
I'll keep an eye on it as I have no explanation as to why it suddenly is dropping
to just below 600RPM at idle speeds after six months of use since install.
Maybe water borne dust bunnies.


May 16, 2011
Well, sadly to say it was not the fan alert on the CPU fan.
The panic beep just went off again while I was playing a game.
Fan speed was fine, cpu temps were fine.

After 30 or so seconds the rapid beep went away , as usual.

Again, I could see no read outs on any monitor that was indicative of a problem.

At this stage I'm going to wait on Asus response via Email to see if they have a clue what this run time mobo beep is about.

Oh, no BT devices .

OH.... the H50... :)
I'm using the same one, and, I keep getting those beeps every now and then. Usually happens twice a day. But I changed to my other rig , the Asus never caused it to beep, this MSI one does. The reason that I have been able to get is , it's not anything in my rig that's beeping, it's this stupid NZXT Sentry LX that I have connected to one FAN on the Case that beeps.
My setup has the 5 Temp Sensors placed in this order, Mosfet HS, CPU, RAM,GPU1 GPU2. The only fan connected to it is the Front Intake in the HAF932, now this fans air bears no relation to the Mosfets Temps, so as the temps there are 44C and the Fans RPM is 600 things are fine, but the temps rise..... and the Fans RPM drops for a second the damn thing goes Beep....
The H5) Pump header is connected to the CPU Fan Header, the Fans in Push Pull on the Rad are connected to the Chassis Fans


May 16, 2011
Hmm. That is interesting.
I'm going to investigate this.
I just wonder why the heck this only started in the past 2 weeks after
having this rig in operation since May 2011~ . Grrr.

I'm going to investigate that and post back. Thank you very much!
My H50 cools okay even when I overclock to 4.6 GHZ . That is with ambient
temps of 74F. This summer if room temps go higher than mid 70's I'll probably
have to 'declock' to something less aggressive though that would only
be the case if I'm running something really insane like PRIME 95 torture mode.

I've been tempted by the new Corsair H100 I see but since temps on my CORE
using CORE TEMP to monitor do not exceed 73c with fullbore PRIME95 smoke test.
In typical heavy games temps never go above 55C much . Good enough !
Course that is with ambient 74F and lower.

If it is that H50 beeping maybe it is a built in feature to force me to upgrade?

Going to run with the side panel off to be damn sure of what is beeping. Will post
back . P.S. THe inquiry I sent to ASUS has yet to be replied to, that was back on Jan 21. Still awaiting. Maybe I was too wordy.


May 16, 2011
Well, time found the answer, that and better focused ears.

Turns out, all this time, the problem wasn't even in the PC itself but UNDER the PC.
Directly below it, is my APC XS 1500 UPS which is nearing 3 years in use or so.
Turns out it was complaining at times with persistent panic beeping that the batteries were dying or dead (dead it turns out).
My ears were unable to pinpoint the sound source and I dont' run the APC software, only my fooling with the control panel to show the APC display showed the obvious issue with the battery alert.

LoL. Case closed. I can stop fussing with the mobo and temp gauges.

As an addendum I finally got a response from Asus on Jan 31 where they inquired
as to if the problem was solved or not and stated they had had a internal issue
with their email system, as that was why it took so long to hear from them.

I need to invest in a stethoscope or something to help pinpoint random household


Thanks for all that replied . Selecting one of Alyoshka's as best to keep
the forum software bot to stop bothering with this thread!

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