Question Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe wont boot up. Help needed !!


May 30, 2016
My current system:

ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe
Intel i7 3770K
Corsair H80v2 io cooler
2xKingston KVR16N11/8 16Gb
Chieftec BPS-750C

After shutting down yesterday, couldn't Power it on again..

Cabinet cleaned, and lots of dust removed (spent a whole can of compressed air)

After this I was able to reset bios and boot up
Bios error. Entered and saved, reboot, and system shutting down. cant boot again
reset bios and same thing keeps happening.

Ok .. its an 8 year old system, so I replaced the 2032 lithium battery.

Same result.

I have had some issues before getting the system running long ago after replacing the original crappy Intel Aio cooler wich beside having way to high cpu temp for an Aio cooler, died in the pump and the system shut down due to overheating.

System have run for quite some time with the H80 at max temp of typically under 40 degrees (not overclocked) where the intel cooler topped at 65 degrees for the little over 6 years it ran.
My problems when getting the system up running with the Corsair was that the MB's "load optimized defaults" wouldn't boot, untill I set it to "manual" and set the cores at between 36-42x multiplier range and a std 100mhz Bclk

I should notice that my CPU has never been able to OC more than 103mhz Bclk and max 42x multiplier, So I have basically always had it set to stock settings at 100mhz 39x Multiplier.

Do you guys think its the MB or maybe a PSU problem I have ? .. The CPU apparently works, but no matter what settings I use now in the Bios the MB keeps booting once after saving, giving me "CPU overclocking error". If I then turn it off or resets the system, it boots and shuts down immediately. It can stay open in the bios settings just fine, and has a std 27 degree mb/cpu temp in here and it shows the cpu cooler running at just under 1000 rpm.