Question Asus p8Z77 want to mod for NVME but cannot even get stock ROMs to flash

Jun 5, 2021
I need to update the bios on this motherboard to support NVME however I cannot even flash the stock ROM. 2403 from ASUS's website works and can be flashed from both the BIOS Flash utility and AFUDOS. However, the latest version 2501 just does not work. Flashing from the BIOS's utility reports "Not a valid UEFI Bios", and from AFUDOS 3.6 using /p /b /n /k /gan /capsule /recovery appears to flash and then reboots but after the BIOS version has not updated to 5103. Obviously I cannot even attempt to start modding if I cannot even get the stock ROM updated. I have opened the .cap exported to .roms, the usb drive is formatted fat32. I have looked at the ROM images and I noted that the 2403 ROM says it is signed whereas the 5102 says that it is unsigned.

Using a later version of AFUDOS the 5103 ROM reports as 3 error: Rom size does not match existing BIOS size. I have checked, the ROM size is exactly the same.

Using AFUWIN x32 on WinXP 5103.cap reports same 3 error. Using 5103.rom reports C0 bios doesn't support process me information.

Other than using a hardware ROM flasher is there anyway to get around this chicken and egg situation. Is there another software ROM flasher that will force the update? Or indeed a way with AFU to force the update.

PS. I did try to mod the 2403 version adding the NVME modules from Z97 stock ROM. Same as above. What would happen if I just tried to flash the whole Z97 rom, would that brick the board.

ANY ideas would be most welcome

BACKGROUND, I have this P8Z77 with a Intel ZEON and 32Gb RAM, I wish to use it as a basic web / mail server, probably Windows + apache on a SAMSUNG NVME through the PCIe x4


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

I'd advise not to ruin a perfectly good/working motherboard. No, flashing the wrong board's BIOS onto your won't help anything or anyone. Yes it'll brick it! Stick to 2.5" SSD's, not NVME or SATA based M.2 SSD's.