asus p9x79 doesn't support cpu?

Mar 25, 2018
Hi, i recently bought a p9x79 asus lga 2011 motherboard and a xeon e5 1650 (v1) cpu. I found out the motherboard doesn't support that cpu, but I figured i'd try it anyway. Sure enough, the computer didn't boot, and the rec cpu indicator light was on. The weird part is that the motherboard supports ivy bridge e, ivy bridge ep, and sandy bridge e processors, but apparently not sandy bridge ep cpus. Can anyone tell me why that is and if there is a way to fix it? All help is appreciated.

UPDATE: It turns out the whole thing was caused by a jumper issue, the CLRTC header did not ship with a jumper. I have since accessed the bios. Thank you to anyone who would have helped if i hadn't fixed it in 10 minutes, and I hope this helps someone.

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