ASUS PCE-AC68 Blue LED - How do I turn it off?!

Dylan SJ Perez

Mar 18, 2017
My rig has an ASUS PCE-AC68 wireless adapter on it (A red themed gaming PC) and the ******* adapter has a super bright blue LED out of the back, shines through the whole system and out the back and kinda ruins the entire aesthetic, I was unaware of it when I bought it and having gotten it second hand off eBay I can't return it either. Is there any way to turn the LED off? Through Regedit? Haven't found any specific software for it so I'm kind of relying on a registry tweak existing, also if I were to de-solder the LED, would it affect the function of the adapter?

Hoping someone can be my saviour :(

Many thanks,

If there's no option to turn it off, you might just try coloring over the LED with a black permanent marker. I sometimes do this on things like monitors that decide to include a bright led on the front. You might need to let it dry and go over it a few times to block a sufficient amount of the light. If the clear surface is smooth, you could try roughing it up a bit with a little fine sandpaper first to help the marker adhere. I'm not sure if that could affect warranty coverage, but it's probably less likely to result in damage compared to removing the LED.