[SOLVED] ASUS PG279Q or Acer XB271HU

Jun 17, 2019
After a long research I finally narrowed my options to these two monitors, they are almost the same price at my country and they seem almost identical spec-wise, the only difference is that I prefer Asus in terms of design (I don´t really like flashy monitors). Are there any other important specs one has and the other doesn´t that I should know about before deciding which one to buy?
Out of those 2, just go off which one you prefer aesthetically / physically. Or if you prefer contrast, go for the ASUS

Only real difference is physical design and contrast:
  • ACER is heavier, ASUS is lighter and slightly thinner.
  • ASUS has better swivel range, ACER has slightly larger height adjustment
  • ACER has a slightly smaller frame (more screen to frame ratio)
  • ASUS technically has a greater contrast ratio.
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