Question ASUS PG279Q vs PG279QZ. What's the difference?!?!


Nov 21, 2012
I have been debating over these two monitors for the better part of 3 days now trying to figure out which is the better of the two. Some people have said the QZ is a re-release of the with slightly less back light bleed and with a lower max brightness. Other people have said there isn't really any difference between these two units aside from the max brightness due to manufacturing issues from ASUS. This video from that reviewed the QZ went as far to suggest that it performed "nearly as well" as the Q in some categories but didn't go as far as to say the Q overall a better buy:

ASUS PG279QZ Monitor Review -

A poster on the ASUS ROG forums was having mixed answers from ASUS customer support as didn't seem to understand he was asking about the Q vs the QZ and started throwing other models in for comparison but from the answers they gave about the QZ, it was just a re-release of the Q for Amazon (which isn't correct because if nothing else, the max brightness is different between the two).

If there is anyone who has some more insight as to which one is the better of the two, that would be great.

I'm also open to suggestions on a different 1440p 144Hz monitor if there is a better one I just missed looking at.
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