Question Asus PG348Q or....??

Dec 2, 2018
Hello everyone, few quick questions before I decide to pull the trigger

Been thinking about the Asus PG348Q for quite awhile, its around $1050AUD give or take.
I've got a gtx1080, thats abit wasted on my Asus PB278Q (1440p 27inch 60hz or so)

I've been looking at the Asus XG35VQ as well, as its similar but a different panel, freesync etc etc
But also looking into the Acer Predator Z35P and X34P, and the AOC AG252UCG6 ....
(edit, going to throw in the Dell/Alienware AW34181DW monitor as well, even tho its at the maximum of my budget at $1399.20)

Guess its better to have too many options right?

Or is there something on the horizon that I should wait out for? (The PG348Q has been out for quite awhile no? Expecting a "replacement" or model upgrade soon?)

I'm interested in your opinions on other monitors in the same price range $1000-1400aud
I do game quite alot, but not competitively. Computer is in my room and I watch alot of netflix/youtube/stan/etc
Preferences are//
30" +
1440p +
100hz +
curved (no preference to 1800/3800)
g-sync preferred
not a brand snob, but i've been happy with my Asus products
Available in Australia
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