Question Asus power button not working

Jan 18, 2020
Hello! I have an asus vivobook x540ub and my power on/off button doesn't work. I spilled some cola on the keyboard(around WASD) and so i open my laptop to clean it. I did some research and found that WD-40 is non conductive and it's really good for cleaning. I wasn't sure at first but gave it a try and it worked really good. Nothing is sticky anymore, but my power button stopped working even tho i barely touched that area. I don't think the WD did something because everything else works just fine. I found an way to power it on but it's complicated so if the laptop turns off it's a pain in the back so I really want to fix it. I though of changing the whole keyboard, but I'm not 100% sure that it will help. And even there there's another problem. I can't find a keyboard fr the UB series, but can find for other x540 series like x540l. I think it should work but I'm not sure.


You will have to contact the Asus parts division for that, Asus isn't good about suppling parts for anything outside there own repair centers.

WD-40 to clean something like that is a bad idea, it contains kerosene, naphtha and mineral oil which leave an oily sticky deposit in areas you can't see. Alcohol is a better cleaner at least it dries with minimal residue.
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