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Question Asus Prime B365

May 20, 2020
Hi all, today i'm setting up a new machine with this motherboard. Is for a Nas purpose, so i have a lot of storage. The main problem is i have ocupied all the Sata interfaces with 3.5 disks., so there is no spare left, because this board have a m2 support i bought a m2 disk. On MB manual i see that i cant use it on Sata Mode because is shared with sata interface name, so that is out of the way. The problem right now is that i choose the pci-e mode and change thse setting on the MB, and the disk doesnt show in anywhere, i've tried in bios, using gparted and nothing. Is not visible.
I dont now what i can do for that to work. Just to test i've remove the sata 1 interface and the disk in sata mode showed with no problem at all.

The board is a Asus B365 M-A

I appreciate any help that you can give. thanks


Because you have filled all your Sata ports, you cannot use that drive, Return it and get one that is PCIE3x4 NVME.

The motherbd setting changes the which type of M2 drive you can install. It cannot change a Sata drive into an NVME. The type of drive you install must match the motherbd setting.
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