Question ASUS PRIME B450M-A + ROSEWILL ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case, Gaming Case with Blue LED for Desktop / PC and 3 Case Fans Pre-Installed, F


They just plug in...use the motherboard manual to see where each item plugs in.

Not all cases provide a connection for all motherboard outputs...and not all motherboards have headers for the front panel connectors like USB type-C.
Where to put my "H.D.D LED +" & RESET SW " for my motherboard?
I looked up the manual for the B450m-CSM motherboard. I can say it's the most unhelpful manual ever, especially about connecting the front panel connector. There's no diagram I could find that shows the pin-outs of the front panel header on the motherboard and it seems to assume your case has a monolithic connector with pin-outs that match the motherboard. In my experience, that's rarely the case.

What you'll have to do is look all around on the top of the motherboard for a diagram that shows the pin-out of the front panel header. It's usually silk screened somewhere in the area of the front panel header. Once you find it you'll have to use some judgment to decipher but it usually makes sense and matches fairly close to the markings on the connectors from the case front panel.

Something to keep in mind: the HDD LED and PWR LED are polarized so if you get them wrong the LED's won't light. Just reverse them, you can't do any damage.

Good luck.
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