Question ASUS Prime B550-Plus constantly freezing and will not let me install windows off flash drive

Aug 8, 2021

I have the weirdest situation going on with this computer I am troubleshooting for a customer... here are the specs on it:

Motherboard - Asus Prime B550-Plus
CPU - Ryzen 7 3700x
RAM - XPG Gammix D10 2x 8gb for total of 16GB
Power Supply - Kratos M1 550b
Hard Drive - WD Green 1TB
GPU - Geforce RXT Venus oc 3070 (3 Fans)

To the best of my knowledge all of this stuff is compatible, the PC should have enough power for everything. Here is my problem I am having in a nutshell. The prime mobo has 4 lights on post DRAM ,CPU, VGA, BOOT. It will go past the first 2 no issue every time. Sometimes it freezes on the VGA and i get no display sometimes it will go past the VGA and to BOOT. I tried 2 diff graphics hard to rule out that so I don't think the card is causing that. I have changed every boot CSM and setting you can think of from legacy to UEFI and i cannot get past this freeze. Here are all the things i have tried to rule out the freeze.

  • Re-seated CPU
  • Checked motherboard for grounding it is actually out of the case right now to rule it out
  • PSU checks out good
  • Reseated the RAM
  • Tried diff mice and keyboards on post
  • Tried diff jump drives with clean ISO Windows 10 OS on them
  • Cleared the CMOS 1000 times removed battery held power down left it out for 5 min
  • Updated the bios to 4 diff versions that made sure to support the Ryzen 7 3xxxx CPU from last to few earlier versions
  • Verified compatibility of all components to the best of my knowledge
  • Switched out SATA cable
  • Tried diff SATA ports on the MOBO
  • Re-seated GPU 1000 times tried the other PCIe 16x Slot on the board and tried another graphics card
  • Made sure no other USB devices except mouse and keyboard are plugged in on post
  • Verified all power is plugged into MOBO, CPU, and GPU
  • Tried HDMI and DVI Cables and ports on the GPU
  • Tried a diff hard drive and formatted them before use... Clean slate
  • Tried with CSM off and on
  • Tried UEFI and LEGACY options in every order you can think of
  • Checked CPU voltage and CPU FAN
So with all that being said ...I post, if I'm lucky to get into the BIOS and I see my HD and USB drive with windows on it in UEFI and LEGACY mode for boot options. As soon as I go to boot from either USB UEFI or LEGACY it freezes every time. Here is the real kicker to all this. I had a gigabyte mobo before the ASUS one and it was doing the same damn thing! Surely I didn't get 2 bad mobo causing the exact same freeze issue when loading windows. It really leads me to believe it is another component but none of it makes sense or I'm missing something. I am going to need you guys to dig deep on this one cause the next step is calling ASUS support. What did I miss?
Aug 8, 2021
So I did read that as well about what Nvida recommends but I also read what other people on Google said about 550 being fine. If you actually spec this system out it's pulling about low 400 watts so I would think 550 would be sufficient enough 🤷🏼‍♂️ I have not tried another PSU but it might be worth it to rule out this mystery. I currently do not have another PSU to try. Might have to get one and see if I get lucky.