Question ASUS Prime B660M-A D4 problem: "GPT header corruption has been detected" ?

Feb 9, 2023

M/Board: ASUS Prime B660M-A D4
BIOS Version: 2212
O/System 1: Windows 10 Home Retail (Not an upgrade. Has its own Product Key)
O/System 2: Windows 11 Home Retail (Not an upgrade. Has its own Product Key)

Windows 10 installed on its own on the C:\ drive (Hard drive 1)
Windows 11 installed on its own on the D:\ drive (Hard drive 2)

Own build computer which I installed Windows 10 some time ago and its been running fine with no problems. Recently I installed Windows 11 which installed fine once I changed the hard drive (D:\) to GPT.

Once it had been installed and I start the computer the "AMIBIOS" screen opens (White print on black screen) which, amongst other things shows the following computer details and an error message:

USB Devices
Hard Drives
DVD Writer

GPT header corruption has been detected. Please check SATA mode setting in BIOS Setup, or you can use [Boot Sector (MBR / GPT) Recovery policy] item under [Boot Configuration] page to recover GPT header Press F1 to run Setup".

Pressing <F1> takes me into the "ASUS BIOS Utility-EZ Mode" screen.

Under "Boot Priority" it shows the "Windows Boot Manager" and under that is "Boot Menu (F8)"
Clicking on "Boot Menu (F8)" takes you to the "Boot Menu" screen which shows the "Windows Boot Manager".
Clicking on that will re-boot the computer and the "Windows Boot Manager" will open showing "Windows 10" and "Windows 11".
Clicking on either will run that version of Windows.

If I want to run the other operating system I have to re-boot (expected) and then go through the same procedure as before.

I have not made any alterations in the BIOS in response to the GPT error message in case it makes things worse. I can at least use both operating systems but it is annoying to have to go through the above each time. Never had this problem before on older Windows versions on dual boot systems.

Thank you
Feb 9, 2023
Are both running on GPT or one on MBR and the other on GPT?

Hi Helpstar,
Thank you for your reply.

Yes both hard drives are GPT.

Under the "Boot" tab I have changed the option to "Auto Recovery" and the "Wait For ‘F1’ If Error" (Allows your system to wait for the <F1> key to be pressed when error occurs) I have set this to disabled. It will now only show the error message for a second or so then continue on to the "Windows Boot Manager" without me having to press the F1 key, go into the BIOS and run the WBM from there.

What I have noticed is that if I choose Windows 10 on the WBM it will continue on to load it up but if I choose Windows 11 it will reboot the computer and then load Windows 11. Windows 10 is the first option in WBM. This was also happening before I made the above changes in the BIOS.

Hope the above has been of some help.