Question Asus Prime Pro X570 not detecting my phone over USB

Snow Cat123

Oct 7, 2011
Whenever I connect my phone via USB to my PC it only gives it power, no option appears to select file transfer, FTP or whatever on my phone. All 8 or so ports do the same except the two that's paired with the ethernet port. Those 2 constantly connect and disconnect and my phone and windows go absolutely ham. I got a Mi 11 Android with the original cable. It works on other computers so it can't be the cable. Could it be to do with USB 3.2 or it's USB B to C? I've updated all I can with my motherboard incl chipsets.

I've posted previously around a year ago but I need to access my phone via USB. It works on my old Z97 motherboard but I can't be stripping my PC every time I need to access my phone. USB memory sticks work fine.

I've tried all the debugging options in the phones settings too. Could it be something to do with USB-C?


Retired Mod
Unfortunately, some phones (Mine does this too. Last three of them in fact) require you to EVERY TIME go into the settings on the phone and enable the option to be recognized as a mass storage device. Some give you a pop up and some don't. And yes, it could have to do with USB-C since that has additional considerations such as the possibility of your phone being detected as a display since video output is possible over some versions of USB-C.

Either way, this is almost certainly a "phone" problem, not a PC problem.