ASUS Prime X370-Pro "AMD Desktop 2000 ready"

Apr 21, 2018
So after deciding to make the jump from my old i5 3570k to the new Ryzen 7 2700x, I purchased the CPU, some RAM, and the ASUS Prime X370-PRO. After purchase, I did lots of reading saying that the CPU will not even POST with 2nd gen Ryzen without a BIOS update first which I have no way of updating since I've only owned Intel before. I went to Newegg and pre-ordered the ASUS ROG Strix X470 which releases April 23rd and chose one-day delivery for about $70 more than I paid for the previously mentioned motherboard. It should arrive Monday or Tuesday but I have just received the CPU, RAM, and ASUS Prime x370-PRO today.

Now I notice on the box it says "AMD Ryzen Desktop 2000 Rady" which wasn't shown in the picture of the box I ordered off Amazon. Will this work out of the box with my Ryzen 7 2700x or should I just wait for the X470 to arrive? I have a few reasons to be hesitant about attempting this, but mostly because I'm in a cramped apartment and moving all of this around is a pain and I'd rather spend the weekend gaming with my friends. Also, the X470 would be slightly (if not even unnoticeably) better and have more support in the future so I could just return the x370 and wait for that.

Could this AMD Ryzen Desktop 200 Ready also just mean it's ready for the 2000 series APU but not the 2nd gen CPUs that just released? The website says "The following AMD AM4 Series motherboards can be updated with the listed (or later) BIOS and driver version for compatibility with the all new AMD Ryzen® 2000 Series with Radeon™ Vega graphics APU". Either way, I'll most likely wait for the X470 motherboard and return the X370, which does make me feel guilty as I work in shipping. This is mostly for informational purposes since I can't find any information on this topic and I'd like to know your thoughts.

Photo of the box btw:
I have Asus Prime x370 pro and just upgraded to 2700x from 1700x. needs last bios 4008 with AGESA 1002a to work together. Frankly, you may want to wait few days and get same board with 470x chipset. If nothing, better memory support at higher frequencies is reported.
At the time "2000 series compatibility" meant only compatibility wit Raven Ridge APUs and that required BIOS with AGESA 1000a, in case of this MB it was BIOS v3803 so that's what is most probably installed.


Mar 7, 2017
Does this X370-Pro board work with the Ryzen 7 2700X now? I had an old board I had to RMA and couldn't wait to have it returned so I purchased another. The one that was sent in for RMA has been sitting around 11/2017 not used in its packaging but I would like to put it to use for a build for a friend. I am trying to use the 2700X for it, but don't have another CPU to use to update the boards BIOS if that has to be done prior to working with the 2700X. Any and all detail you could provide would be very helpful!