Question ASUS Prime X470 Pro AMD Ryzen 2700X no post, no leds.

Apr 24, 2019
Hi All,

Similar question to a previous one that was answered, but I'm still having difficulty getting my system to post.

Here are the components:

Mobo: ASUS Prime X470 Pro
CPU: Ryzen 2700X
RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB 3000MHz (on the QVL)
GPU: GTX 1070
PSU: Corsair RM850x

I've gone through all the typical checklist stuff, resetting CMOS, trying different RAM placements, no placements, etc. I do not have at the moment a PC Speaker, but will get one in the next few days, and have not independently tested the PSU, but in the case everything receives power from the mobo.

Tried a few reinstalls following the install guide making sure all the connections were correct and still cant get it to post or display anything. The board white LEDs will flash momentarily and then nothing else (no rgb). Any advice for a first time builder would be greatly appreciated.



you made sure to be careful when putting the CPU in the socket right?
because the pins themselves are on the CPU it's easier to damage them.

also you made sure to put the cooler on properly as well right?

double check the connections for EPS (CPU power) and the 24pin for the motherboard and whatever pin config for the graphics.

not that you didn't plug them in or plugged the wrong cables in, but to check that they are firmly pushed in all the way because if any of those plugs are not plugged in by even a hair, it can end up not working.

For some reason or other, the contact of the pins has always needed to be absolute and complete making it sensitive.

which can be a good thing because you wouldn't want 90% connected cables that ends up causing an issue down the line if it were to be designed to work initially with not 100% contact so...... yeah."

make sure the cables are plugged in fully and firmly and if that PSU you have is modular in any way, make sure the connections are full and firm on the PSU itself as well.

Last thing you can check is if you are currently plugging into a power strip, and maybe try plugging directly into the wall.

or if plugging directly into a wall, try using a power strip or a different outlet somewhere else in the room.