Question Asus Prime z370-p Bios Issue after enabling Intel Platform Trust Technology

Nov 13, 2021
Im having an issue after enabling Intel Platform Trust Technology on my asus z370-p.
When I boot up I get 1 long and 3 short beeps from the pc-speakers and then it boot into windows 10. Everything runs fine, however. The problem is I cannot enter the bios anymore, nothing works not F2-F10 or DEL, not even thru the advanced startupå feature in win10.
Jan 28, 2022
Hi. I have the same problem. MOBO is ASUS prime B350M-A

1 (long) + 3 (short) and the description is Conventional or Extended memory failure. Remove added memory, or reseat the installed memory sticks.

2 stick of G-skill F4-3200C16D-16GIS

This mobo has 4 ram slots so i reseat sticks. No result.
I Try with one stick or the other stick. No result.
With no RAM installed, mobo correcly raport no RAM.
I cleared CMOS to reset BIOS settings so the ram settings go to default. No result.
Try other RAM from normalny working machine. No result.
I put RAM from not working PC to, a good one. PC boot normal.

Conclusion. This is not RAM problem, it's mobo problem but I dont know how to fix it?