Question Asus PRIME-Z590-P and i7-11700K can't boot without HDMI Display attached. One long beep with three short beeps

Nov 13, 2021
Hi Guys,

I have Asus PRIME-Z590-P and i7-11700K . This will be a Ubuntu Linux server.

And I have a problem, this configuration can not boot without a connected HDMI Display. One long beep with three short beeps (GPU error)

For some reason, the computer requires a connected HDMI Display during the boot

This is a problem because shutting down the server requires connecting the screen. I only need ssh access to the server.

I updated the bios and the situation is the same.

When I connect an external graphic card and set it up in BIOS as the primary, I still have One long beep with three short beeps. And there is no boot.

Please could you help me with how to solve this, I need the system can be booted without connecting the display by HDMI?

Thanks a lot

Best regards