Question Asus PRIME Z690-P - fan settings - BIOS & armoury crate

Jan 8, 2023
This is a fan question.

I have a bunch of quality PWM fans in my system and I want to control them with my MB.
Before, I had simple DC fans and I could allow for fan stop up to 35 deg C and after passing that temps, tuned profiles for all of them.
Now I have fans that can rev quite slow and I wanted to make more sophisticated profiles, but still absolutely no fans spinning until 35 deg C.

On Asus board I can't do it. I can run Q-fan tuning, BIOS determines the lowest PWM FF for each fan and sets minimum there - and I can't change that.
Even better, in PWM mode there's no option to stop the fans.
I would like to control all of these in the BIOS.

I know that there's an app for this in armoury crate, but honestly, I don't want to use it for 3 reasons.
  1. I don't need all of this. It's a bloatware.
  2. I have Linux as 2nd system and I want same system configuration regardless of the system.
  3. It works in a magical and mysterious ways.
I had that app before, there were some problems with it, I uninstalled it, fans went to 100%. In the BIOS setup, settings for the fans didn't affect fixed 100% power. Even if I set them to lowest values possible regardless of temperature, fans still ran at full speed.
CMOS reset didn't help.
BIOS update and CMOS reset didn't help.
I installed armoury crate again and uninstalled it after one run and it restored the settings.

It looks like Asus holds config for PWM values in a memory region not controlled directly by UEFI BIOS, which I find odd and disturbing.

Does anyone have memory map for these boards?
I'd like to use i2c or SPI to edit those values according to my needs. I can use external programmer if needed.
Or, if there's a solution to read/write such parameters other than stock BIOS setup and armoury crate, I'd appreciate it.