Question Asus ProArt B550-Creator - Is this a good motherboard any catches

Apr 26, 2022
I just shorted out a circuit on the Dark Hero with thermal paste spill. So I am looking for new motherboard to test some Ryzen 5900X CPUs for best overclock and keep the best binned one and sell the rest

Is this a good one:

Is it ok to use for gaming even though it is called Creator Art and not their ROG lineup?? Like is it just a theme difference?

Does it still have a great VRM and good overclocking functions in the BIOS?

Is there any catches to Asus Creator ProArt boards vs their ROG boards??

I do not have any need nor care for WiFi or Bluetooth and know it already does not have those and am good with it. I am also aware of the slots being Gen 3 except top M.2 and top main PCI-E as B550 do which is fine by me.


I just shorted out a circuit on the Dark Hero with thermal paste spill.
Thermal paste is often stated to be non conductive...I'm curious to know what brand of thermal paste you'd used and/or how you used it to cause a short.

In simple terms, any motherboard/system can be used as a gaming system. ROG boards tend to hold cream of the crop gear geared towards overclockers and people who want to eek out the last possible ounce of performance, which can even entail LN2 cooling or exotic cooling methods. The Creator series is geared towards workstation builds and/or content creators, people who need reliability/stability as opposed to going out with a bang(if you know what I mean).

The latter board is good, for sure, just that you won't be seeing massive overclocks off of it.



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