Asus Probe II any good for temp monitoring?


Nov 20, 2007
Well I hope I got the name right. I used an Asus (I call them ay-sus, I don't like the name A-zeus for some reason) p5K for my new system build and it came with some software for monitoring vcore, fan speeds and system temperatures. The only temps it picks up are the mobo and cpu.

I use an e6750 at stock w/stock fan and the temp reads quite low- about 20 degrees and maybe 35 after a couple hours of CoD 4. The mobo runs hotter at about 35 degrees average. Anyway long story short is this okay software for checking my cpu and mobo temps? Should I use something else? The cpu temperature, if correct, seems to idle pretty darn cool from everything I've read. So I'm wondering if that's really an accurate reading.