Asus Rampage GENE II - Powers on by itself after shutting down


Nov 30, 2011
Hi all, wondering if any have had similar issues with this mobo..

its been running fine for some time, no BSOD or anything but efter installing a new grafhics card(Asus EAH6970 DCII/2DI4S/2GD5) + doing a BIOS update, whenever i shutdown or hybernate(standby) it powers itself ON again... around 10-15secs after.

Ive tried to resolve it by downgrading the BIOS to the last version used, even tried with a new PSU from corsair.. meddling with the Power options from the BIOS, ive even unplugged all the cables to the power and reset switch before shutting down and nothing seems to work.

No odd voltage alarts from the PC Probe program, to sugest it shorting something on the mobo(heatsink on GFX card is rather big).

So any suggestions or solutions anyone could share?