ASUS Releasing new ROG branded soundcards

The primary DAC for headphone/front-out channel of the ROG Phoebus is TI-BB PCM1792A, with stellar signal-noise ratio (SNR) of 127 dBA. Other main channels are handled by Cirrus Logic, probably the CS5381, with SNR of 120 dBA. There's also a tertiary Realtek ALC889 (110 dBA) CODEC that probably handles an independent set of audio channels, or handles the digital outputs, since it's licensed with a few Dolby technologies. On the AMP side, we spy bleeding-edge OPAMPs, a Texas Instruments 6120A2(?) AMP chip (for the headphones channel), etc.

Wow if true; even the STX *only* has a 120 SnR on its primary output, so 127db SnR is simply blowing everything else out of the water. Even 120db SnR on the surround outputs is exquisite. At first glance, looks like an upscaled Xonar Xense.


Sep 26, 2011
it's an 118db card, the PCM1792A is 127db, same dac on essence st/X, it's just an xonar with native PCI-E. looks like a "Transformers" gaming marketing card.

there is no need for such quality (own an essence st) cause most files you play on pc have low quality, unless you buy original cd audio, aiff/wav files from some digital dj store, or become a member from B&W's Society of Sound and listen 24-bit flacs :sweat:

games uses compressed files, if you hear lossy audio on high quality soundcards you hear worst.


Jan 3, 2011
WOW, looks like a great sound card. Chipset w/native PCIe support, great SNR, 5.1 analog and who cares it the emi shield looks like it fell off a transformer. It's going to be upside down in your case anyway. It's not like your going to see it!

The card looks to be geared towards gamers with specs that an audiophile could fall in love with as well.