News Asus ROG Ally Teardown Shows Big Repair Advantage Over Steam Deck


Oct 3, 2022
I returned my Steam Deck because it's so anti-consumer.

1) Steam Deck repairability is garbage

Steam Deck tries to lock you behind Steam OS that only supports Steam. If you want to use GoG, Epic Game Store, or anything else, there is no support for that.

(You can try to install Windows on Steam Deck, but as LTT pointed out, and I experienced myself, this is pretty much a disaster because Valve doesn't seem bothered by all the Steam Deck issues when running Windows. The goal of Steam Deck and Steam OS is for you to buy Steam games, they don't really want you to run another OS. This is against the spirit of PC gaming imo. Asus doesn't sell games, and therefore they support anything you install.)

3) Lots of games simply don't work or work poorly on Steam Deck due to all the DRM on Steam. Steam is the major distributor of DRM themselves. Steam's DRM wrapper is used on many games on Steam, and Steam supports Denuvo on their platform.

Supporting heavy-handed DRM is a choice Valve made. People love to blame the developers for DRM, but refuse to condemn the Steam platform that willingly distributes and even develops DRM software. Stores like GoG refuse to allow Denuvo on their store.
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Windows works very well on the Steam Deck, I have it running right now and it's been great. The SteamOS was okish, major games recently released worked well enough but many of the older games or indi games did not. Everything works just fine under Windows though. I put the compatibility issues down to game developers not really supporting anything other then Windows and Valve only has to much manpower to put towards optimizations and fixes.

Here are the Windows drivers for Steam Deck

And while not strictly required, Steam Deck Tools is amazing and ads a ton of functionality to the Steam Deck under Windows.

The Asus device looks really interesting, might see about upgrading to whatever they release in another year or two when my Steam Deck starts getting long in the tooth.


I got the Ally since I skipped the Steam Deck because I didn't like the CPU half of the APU. I really need to delve into AutoTDP as I get to using it for more games, but so far it has been fantastic. As the article mentions though there's a distinct lack of wide parts availability and I hope Asus teams up with ifixit if they don't want to do it themselves.


Jan 1, 2017
I'd get this in a heartbeat if I had more faith on ASUS' support timeline for even laptops.

I've been bitten by them in the past by their gaming laptops failing right after the warranty is over (a bit over 3 years), and I was not the only one in my friends group with that issue.

Say what you will about Nintendo, but I still have a DS with the original battery working no problem, don't know how their current portables are, but companies sure don't make hardware like they used to.

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The switch is a glorified ds. It’s same reliability


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