Question Asus Rog G20AJ-B08 Upgrade Advice

Nov 17, 2020
Hello everyone! With next gen consoles coming out, my computer is now super outdated. I have:

Asus Rog G20AJ-B08 SFF Desktop
CPU: i5-4460
SSD: None
PSU: external 230w

I really want to upgrade, and have searched forums and youtube, everything trying to research how to. I’ve never upgraded a PC before, let alone open one until a few weeks ago when my GPU was making weird noises. Since then, and since my warranty is well ended, I have wanted to upgrade it. In doing so, I want to keep everything I already have on my PC as it is. I mostly use it for gaming (CSGO, Valorant, Overwatch, Rocket League, Fortnite) and have always been held back from playing newer titles- but it would be nice for it to just be good all around. It isn’t really an option to scrap the PC for parts and try to build a new one, because I desire a quiet, small PC sort of like a console. I just upgraded to Windows 10 and I need help with the software side of things as well as hardware, so for the next couple questions, I could use some advice :) thank you for reading

Question 1: Do I have to get a 1TB SSD in order to copy everything over, format the HDD, and then use my HDD as a storage drive and have windows and games on my SSD ?

Question 2: Where can I get the necessary extra power supply, and what’s the best graphics card I can get that will last me a while for the price ($250 range) ?

PS: thank you again if you take the time to read and help me research this. I’ve read everything about this PC, and now I’m just at the stage where I have to execute. Buy the right parts and cables, install them, and then get them working on the software side of things. It would be nice if I could come here and have a guide for if I run into any problems or have questions.


Oct 29, 2019
That PC looks hopeless outdated to me. You'd be much better off staring from scratch and build a new one. And since you seem to be on a budget, I'd suggest you forget about small and quiet. Small, quiet, and powerful requires carefully selected components that cost a premium.

To answer your first question, check how much data you have on that HD. If for example you only have 20% data and 80% free, you don't need a 1 TB SSD, you could get away with a much smaller one.

Now, if that HD is mostly full, and you can't afford a 1TB SSD, you could get away with a 250 GB or 500 GB. You install Windows on it along with your most important apps, and keep the rest on the HD. But because of price per GB, I'd suggest you go for 500 GB. A 250 GB WD Blue SATA SSD is $42.25 on Amazon, the 500 GB is $53.99. It's a no-brainer.