Question Asus ROG GR8 II - GPU Upgrade

Apr 4, 2021
I've been researching on if the ROG GR8 II has any GPU's that are compatible with it, and have been coming up empty. I know I can open it up and remove the graphics card despite it being a 'micro' pc, but I can't find anything telling me what kind of motherboard it has and if said motherboard/other components have been adjusted to fit in the small case, thereby not allowing for other graphics cards.

I've been dealing with the limitations of the 3 gb of vram in the 1060 for awhile, and it's been recently frustrating that seemingly the only barrier stopping me from using the oculus link for the quest 2 with good framerate is the vram, and that the gpu is basically fine.

I found userbenchmark had a list of compatible gpu's, but after researching their legitimacy, I'm not sure if they are to trust.

If anyone could provide info or point me somewhere like a physical store or service I could talk to about this, it would be much appreciated.
From the looks of it, it is a very small case.
Dont worry about motherboard compatability, any motherboard with a PCIe slot will fit modern GPU's, so your problems are the small size of the case and that 230 Powersupply.
Not to mention the current availability of the cards can be a problem depending on where you live.