Question ASUS ROG Laptop Black Screen with no cursor after/mid boot.

Feb 12, 2020

Mid watching a youtube video my laptop screen went black (LCD on but nothing on screen). I tried restarting but the laptop seems to get stuck right after passing the Logo loading screen.

What I noticed:
HardDrive activity LED still blinks on startup
-The Hard drive LED proceeds to blink once then stops as soon as the screen goes black but never blinks again.
-Once in every 5 failed boot up attempts, the ASUS loading splash screen seems to glitch before the screen goes black.
-Harddrive & Fans spin
-Fans spin at a constant rate despite CPU getting considerably warm after a while.
-BIOS is still accessible with things like the RAM, 2nd Internal storage and GPUs showing up.
  • RGB Keyboard & Mouse lights connected before the Black screen light up.
  • No signal received on an external monitor.
  • Low battery indicator still works

What I've tried:
Replaced the RAM ($50 down the drain to find out nothing was wrong with the first one LOL)
Resetting the BIOS
Removed the Battery
Removed the CMOS battery
Removed all additional drives and tried booting from USB but run into the same BSOD.
Disabled Fast Boot.

Even booting from an external drive or attempting automatic repair all lead to this godforsaken black screen. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated. I really just wanna play some LoL ;-;