News Asus' ROG Matrix RTX 4090 Is Ultra-Premium, Liquid-Cooled, and Likely Ultra-Expensive

No doubt, ASUS must be using the best highly binned AD102 GPU chips for this card, enabling it to run at the fastest clock speeds of all GPUs currently available.

BTW, they just released and updated a new product page for this card. How much will the card cost ? 3K USD min ? A luxury product more like. But the company mentions this to be a limited-edition card, so I don't think many SKUs will hit the retail shelves.

As expected, for the fans, ASUS is using the new ROG MF-12S ARGB series which come with a magnetic connector that can easily be daisy chained together. The Ryujin III coolers also use the same fan. There are also tons of sensors placed on the chokes, VRMs, & power delivery circuits, all in addition to the sensors on the GPU die.

But I really like this particular addition though:

According to ASUS, there is a new feature within the "GPU Tweak III" app that will let you know if the Gen5 12VHPWR connector is correctly seated and plugged into the graphics card. Pretty nice, safe, and handy, no ? More info can be found on the product's page.




Nov 21, 2011
Very, very, nice indeed! Yes it will be expensive, and it’s supposed to be! But like all technology it will be surpassed by the RTX 5090 in a couple of years. Best card on the market.


Jul 13, 2016
Hard to see in the Tom's photos (but visible in others with direct lighting, and in Asus' renders) but lurking inside is a regular waterblock. Making this a block in a box in a box - they could have at least tried to shave the volume down a bit! Even if we assume the outer 'box' cannot be shrunk due to PCB side, there is enough room to drop this from a 3-slot to 2-slot card by eliminating only empty space.