Question Asus ROG PG279? Chemical Smell

Nov 29, 2019
So I built my new pc.

For some random reason I am smelling a chemical smell...It comes and goes and I wonder if it is just me.

I unplugged my monitor and tried to connect my New Desktop pc to the wall and I opened it up and let it run for about 30 minutes with no smell coming out of it. I am wondering if the chemical smell is coming from the Asus Rog 279... It could even be the Maximus Hero XI Wifi..Not sure the smell comes and goes but it does bother me.

It comes and goes but I have had sore throat and smelling it in my room occasionally which has been giving me headaches sometimes. I am going to doctor on Monday and I cleaned my whole house the other day trying to find it and getting occasional wiffs of it.

Not sure if there have been any reports. Please help. I have My old Insignia plugged into my HDMI and the Asus Rog 279 is plugged into my Display Port of my 2080 Ti.
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