Question ASUS ROG PG279Q VS Optix MAG271CQR

Oct 19, 2018
So I just purchased a 2080 and want to get a 1440p 144hz monitor to be able to take advantage of my card. I was mainly set on getting ASUS ROG PG279Q because it fit all my qualifications (27 inch or greater, 1440p, 144hz, not a TN panel (personal preference)). Then I came across the MSI Optix MAG271CQR, which seems to have all the same features as the ROG expect a curved monitor. I also checked out the MSI Optix MAG321CQR, which seems to be the same as the previous one except 32 inches not 27. I was wondering anyone's input on these three monitors. For the MSI monitors there doesn't seem to be many reviews on Newegg or Amazon, and for the few reviews I was able to find they were all about dead pixels. I know the ROG is a very reputable monitor for gamers. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
I have the PG279Q and its pretty good, I really have no complaints. Cant really say anything about the MSI one though.

I guess it really comes down to if you prefer curved or not. I have a basic curved 27inch Samsung monitor, and I ended up not liking the curved display.