Question ASUS ROG Strix 2080 OC 8GB POST signal bypass.

Apr 21, 2019
I have an ASUS ROG STRIX 2080 OC 8GB graphics card. I recently installed an EKWB waterblock meant for it. The graphics card works, with the factory fans and RGB installed. Currently, I have a really stupid configuration with the waterblock and factory heatsink both installed to on the graphics card to get video. (Without the factory heatsink installed no video.) This works, but this is the most idiotic fix I found for this graphics card. (Both cooling units are on at the same time.) This works because the graphics card needs a signal from the RGB and fans to tell them that they are there and working. I need a connector or jumper or shunt to send a signal to bypass the fan and RGB connections. I do not want to modify the factory fans or RGB connectors, I need a standalone product. Also, the RGB configuration in the original heatsink has a circuit board connected to it so that may also contribute to the lack of video. I was also thinking that GPU tweak 2 might help but I need video to see what I'm doing in the first place.


Graphics Card:

EKWB Block:

EKWB Backplate:

Who knows where I can find a jumper or shunt to trick the graphics card into thinking that it is connected to the original heatsink? Or disable the signal the graphics card sends to see if the LED and fans are there.

I have contact ASUS support and they said to do more research. But I might try again to see if they can escalate it to an engineer or something if the solution is not found in this post.

I also contacted EKWB for support and made a support ticket, they might be able to help me or point me in the right direction. They will get back to me on a weekday.

*There may be a compatibility error with the water block and the graphics card, the version I have is the 90YV0C60-M0AA00 while the version EK recommends is the 90YV0C60-M0NA00. However, this is the only version listed that has a part number associated with the chart in the link below.​

I have contacted NVIDIA about the issue and they say that they are only the chipset manufactures. If it was a founders edition then they could help me. All the peripherals and additions added on the graphics card are all by the brand manufactures of the card. (Forgot about that detail.) So it sounds like EK & ASUS are my best solution.

Now I am trying to get advice from anyone who has done this before. Repair shops who specialize in this, please drop them in the comments. Websites who sell these things, link them. Anything will help.

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I will answer all questions as soon as humanly possible.

TL;DR: I need to find a way to trick the graphics card that it is not modified. Any help is appreciated.


I don't think you need to trick the GPU into anything, rather that the right block be sourced for your card. It's one of the main reasons why I suggest going for reference PCB designs when choosing a full cover waterblock or at the very least, make sure with multiple correspondences that you're investing in the right watercooling part for the build.