Question Asus ROG Strix 3080 Ti OC ballpark price


Aug 18, 2021

This card is sold in my region for 1200usd and this is the cheapest price I could find this card at. Should I go ahead and do the purchase?

Some few things:

  1. The store that sells this card is not located in my city but they do have a customer support number and I have spoken to the lady and she assured me if anything happens under warranty, they will help me with RMA or I can call Asus directly. But still the idea of buying something this big and expensive from another city without having a face-to-face connection is a bit uncomfortable to me.
  2. My own regular computer dealer in my city can't get hold of any Asus cards.
  3. Coming to the price, do you feel it is payable or should I hope and expect it to get more cheaper in coming months?
  4. I have no interest in 40 series and will never buy them.
  5. AMD is an option but the final option but still there as well, the Sapphire 6950xt goes for 1250usd so pretty much the same price. And I also hope to checkout the upcoming 7xxx series.

Bottomline, I just wanted an opinion from the global audience about spending this much money on the 3080Ti. How do you feel about the price? How are your markets?

Thank you.


Its a great card but expensive.

If you could find a 6900xt in your region, I bet you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the two and it would be a lot cheaper.

Also there is no reason to isolate Asus as a vendor. Pretty much any of partner card makers are good.


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