Question Asus rog strix B550i motherboard RAM LED -- PC fails to boot

Oct 18, 2020
Hi folks,
Finished to build a new pc and faceit with the boot problem.
So it boots correctly only to the BIOS, passes all the leds and stack constantly on yellow led, BIOS works correctly as well.

So, what i have tried by the moment:
  1. Checked pump if it does not have too much pressure on CPU
  2. Checked CPU on bent pins (all ok)
  3. Boot with only 1 memory ram, then switched kit on different slots
  4. All the pc components appears correctly in BIOS
  5. RAM works with XMP profile correctly as well.
  6. I have updated to the last bios (1004)
Nothing helped by the moment.
Also i have checked ASUS QVL list on RAM compatibility and noticed that my RAM KIT is the same model number, but has different version, in qvl it should be ver 4.31 and mine is 4.32, COULD IT BE CRITICAL in this case and i have to try another ram 100% matches to QVL list ?!


amd r7 3700x
asus rog strix b550i
ram: Corsair Vengeance LPX - XMP 2.0 de 16 GB (2 x 8 GB, DDR4, 3200 MHz, C16, CMK16GX4M2Z3200C16 (ver 4.32)
Any ideas ?! cause i just lost...