Review Asus ROG Strix B660-A Gaming WIFI D4 Review: Sweet-Sounding Budget Bird

I paid that price for the Asus Z690 Strix D4 as they had a cash back offer when it launched and that was the only reason I bought it (and they took an eon to pay it back but still made a difference!). I have to admit the Strix Z690 has been rock solid and easy to overclock but this B660 version is well and truly over priced. Not sure why the Intel series motherboards in this generation are so high in price, yes they have good features but still a good bit more than the previous generation. Is it something to do with PCIe Gen 5 or just trying to squeeze more money out of us?

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How is A$350+ for a bottom end under featured board a "budget board"?
No thanks.


$240 is, like, 2-3x what I think a B series motherboard should cost.

My X570 board cost less than that, and that was at the launch of the platform.

And sure, that's AMD vs Intel. But my last Z-Series Intel board was still under $200.