Question Asus ROG Strix GeForce RTX™ 4090 OC - middle fan whispering noise, any idea on how to get a rid of it? [RMA is out of question]


Hey there,

I've just noticed that my middle fan is whispering when active. it's quite annoying since it is pretty audible at 1 - 60% fan speed, where above 60% it blends into overall other fans noise.

I made a video of the noise here.

Is it possible to use WD-40 Silicone or something else to make the whisper go away?

I know that Noctua fans hate lubricant, so I'd kill it if I used some WD-40 Silicone [a lubricant, not degreaser like standard WD-40] on Noctua SSO2 bearing, but could I use it for this fan?

Any opinion is appreciated, since pushing my card to RMA would equal to a GPU suicide at this time [massive RTX 4090 shortage].

I don't need my cash back, I want an functional graphics card, they'd give me a cash back instead :confused_old:

Thank You for any insight or feedback guys!

With best regards


P.S.: Before applying a lubricant, I'd remove the fan, it's attached there on a few screwes, they can be seen on the video too, I just hope tha there's at least some leeway with the cable. I plan to create a paper towel basin for the fan and than use the oil/lubricant by directly applying it to the motor/rotor if applicable.
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It's a trap!
Lubricant is not going to eliminate the noise of a fan that is a touch out of balance which if you're getting noise in a brand new fan is the most likely reason for the noise. Or the bearing is defective. Both things that are not going to be fixed by lubricant.

What makes you believe if you go the route of manufacturer RMA they will cash you out? I RMAed a GPU in the middle of the last major shortage, there was no cash offer. Especially if its a fan they will most likely just replace your fan array and send you on your way.
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