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Question ASUS ROG STRIX GTX 1080 Ti power indicators

Nov 19, 2019
Anyone who is familiar with Asus GPU’s, I’d like your input.

I’m running a ROG Strix GTX 1080 Ti on a 600W power supply. A quick search showed that the indicator LED’s at the power connections show if there’s a problem (red) or if optimal power is being supplied (white).
When I unplug the power cables, both red LED’s illuminate. However, when I plug both 8-pin cables in, both red LED’s turn off but only one white LED turns on. It doesn’t seem to matter which order I plug them in, or which power cable goes to which port, the white LED on the right port won’t turn on while the white LED on the left port turns on.

Is this cause for concern? The card seems to function just fine (although it gets a little hotter than I expected - low 80’s under full load). Also, the shroud LED’s are quite bright at the power connector end but very dim by the time they get to the I/O end. Is this a faulty indicator, or is my card being starved for power?



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