Question ASUS ROG STRIX Hero III Graphics Card crashes and disables itself in the middle of games.

Feb 4, 2022
The GeForce RTX 2070 preinstalled in this laptop crashes after running a game for even a little while. I've had the laptop for just under 2 years when this started occurring yesterday. Even games that are not even remotely graphically intensive like Overwatch cause the card to hyperventilate than die. When this happens I need to go into device manager, and disable than reactivate the card in order to get speccy and GeForce experience to recognize it. There are no obvious traces of dust on the vents, and basically I am stumped. Any advice would be appreciated.


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

What OS are you working with at the time of writing? If you're on Windows 10, what version(not edition) of the OS are you on? Might want to also see what your BIOS version is for your laptop's motherboard and see if you have any BISO updates pending. You might want to also uninstall your GPU driver using DDU, then source the latest from Nvidia's support site, install said driver in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator.

You state not seeing dust on the vents, have you disassembled the laptop to inspect for dust or debris? Perhaps even reapply the thermal paste with something higher in pedigree?