Asus Rog Strix Rx 580 8Gb vs Founders Edition 1070

Dec 15, 2018
Hey so recently im looking for a new gpu i have $210

So Close to me about 30 min drive thers a guy selling his second hand Strix Rx580 8Gb for $166

and then far away from me about a 5 hour drive is a guy selling his Founders 1070 for $187

so i have no idea what to do must i tell the gyu to put his 1070 on ebay and i buy it through there with paypal or should i just drive and get the Rx 580

both the cards still have a 2 year warranty on them
Lol at the last comment. 1070 is better. That said, I'd be tempted to spend a few bucks more and get a 1070 from eBay. Only reason I say that is because if you have issues with it, you might have an easier time filing a case with eBay/PayPal and getting your money back. If you buy a card from someone at random without a system such as eBay, and for some reason there would be any issues, tough luck.

TJ Hooker


Does that really matter? Copy-pasting the same complaint about his dead 580s on every 580 thread regardless of the issue being described, and before any other troubleshooting has been attempted, doesn't seem productive or helpful to anyone. Even if the issue does end up being a HW failure requiring RMA (which seems to be a rare occurrence relative to the total number of threads), you'd still want to go through all the usual troubleshooting steps first.

And neither 3 nor 72 failures are statistically significant relative to the total number of RX 580s sold to prove any sort of trend of unusually high failure rates. And that's assuming the 72 failure you mentioned are all confirmed to be graphics card hardware issues. Not to mention he's been making the same comment on several news articles relating to RX 580s as well, where it seems even less relevant.


And just for the record, as was mentioned elsewhere in relation to this, if it was ME looking to buy a new graphics card, this is information I'd definitely be interested in knowing. Of course it doesn't mean they are ALL going to fail, or even that MOST will, but knowing that a particular series is experiencing a seemingly higher than normal amount of DOA or early failures is absolutely something that I can see no way shouldn't be relayed to any person looking to buy a new card.

All of which is beside the fact that the 1070 is a better option even if there were zero failures that ever happened on the RX 580 series cards.