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Question Asus Rog Strix X570-f vs B550-E series?

Jul 12, 2020
I'm stuck between two motherboards. Both are nice motherboards. (x570-e exceeds my budget. ) Chipset gen4 architecture in x570. b550 is also in gen3 architecture. Do we understand the difference in daily use? I'm collecting the system for the game.
x570-f does not support Bluetooth and wifi. The b550 supports both. but I don't know that bluetooth is very necessary.
In B550, one m2 gen4 and the other is gen3 architecture. but that doesn't matter to me. one gen4 is enough. X570 also has a fan on the motherboard. will this cause problems in the future?
as a result, I am unstable between these two motherboards. what should I do?


The B550 is a great choice if you dont need the extra PCIe lanes,which most likely you wont...
The first reviews of the B 550 series have shown that they are pretty solid motherboards, on par to the X570 VRM design, for example the one I ordered, the B550 Extreme 4 has a VRM design that match many top tier X570 boards, but only cost 180$.