Question ASUS ROG Strix X570-I or ASUS TUF Gaming B550M-PLUS in h400


Nov 2, 2013
Hi Guys,

I am looking to upgrade my system so will get a CPU, would happily stay with Intel for a series of reasons but I cannot really justify to buy a mobo today that has no support for PCIe 4, that was a stupid move so I am looking to move to AMD for CPU.

I have a h400 and I am used with Intel with way better choice of motherboard, I was rather disappointed looking at AMD, it seems most are for cheap consumers which is probably the case as it made commercial sense.

I have only found a single mATX with 550 which is the ASUS TUF Gaming B550M-PLUS and they do not have any from ROG series in matx for amd whilst they have a great one for z490. The alternative is the X570-I Strix which is the newer sister of my z370i which I am still boasting as I had a Cooler Master Elite 130 a year ago.

It fits fine in my case however routing for cables is more adequate for mATX being a mATX case, mini have cables on the side and being shorter do not really get closer to routing area, minor as I am the only one seeing my PC anyway :D

Fact is that I overclock ram and cpu, not as hobby but just to get extra performance so I would want something that can easily pump a bit both, I can find very little about the TUF, compared to the strix has lesser audio (the strix has same audio as mine 1220) and no optimem, even if I could not really find any real world scenario showing whether that is useful or a marketing gimmick among the many we get in our hobby :D

I just do not want to get a mobo which isn't top on a platform that is known for any sort of crash with RAM and so on so I want a motherboard that do not make me regret using AMD as much as I did 20 years ago when was last time I touched one of their CPU.

It is quite puzzling how AMD has such a poor offer of motherboard.

Thank you :)
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