Question Asus Rog Strix Z390-E - Missing Screws?

May 6, 2019
Today my new Mainboard, CPU, PSU and cooler arrived, but the box of the mainboard was partly opened already and its slightly damaged around the edges, the manual looks used and I believe some screws are missing, too.
I don't really care that amazon send me an used one, even though it's labeled as new, because the board itself seems to be in good shape.

Now my questions:
-Those are the screws that came with the mobo

I've talked with amazon and asus - amazon offered a replacement, but since the Asus-Guy told me it's okay to use the screws from my current h310 Mobo I've decided to give it a try.
But is that true? It's M-ATX and my new Mobo is ATX.
Or can I use any other screw I find?

-my second question: where to put my ssd ( samsung mzvlb256HAHQ-00000 -CrystalInfo says it's NVM Express 1.2) - so that SSD, HDD and GPU/CPU work without being "nerfed" performance-wise.
I want to put the SSD into the correct slot, but I don't know which that is and if I place it into the "wrong" slot my GPU would only run in x8 instead of x16. At least that's how I understood it, could be very wrong, though.
That's what ElectrO_90 wrote in my other Thread regarding compatibility:

"You'll have no problem unless you plug the M2 into the same port the Sata uses - but unless you got 6+hdds you'll be fine.
M2 takes one Sata Slot"

It's probably pretty simple, but the more I read about it the more confused I get
"But is that true? "
I would like to think the guy at ASUS knows what he's talking I'm thinking there can't be that many different screw sizes for MBs so I think he's probably correct.

""You'll have no problem unless you plug the M2 into the same port the Sata uses - but unless you got 6+hdds you'll be fine. "

I think what he means here is that...many times when you add an M2 to the MB some SATA ports get disabled.
You can find this out in the manual.
May 6, 2019
Well, I'll take my time reading the manual.

So if I put in on M2_1 (From Manual: "..operating in SATA Mode the SATA6g_2 will be deactivated"), so should I put it to M2_2?
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Note that motherboard mounting screws/standoffs usually don't come with motherboards. They are supplied with the case. They are also universal and work with any motherboard, just make sure to place the standoffs in the correct spots.

The screws you have are for mounting m.2 SSDs.

For the SSD, M2_1 is likely a pcie and Sata. If you install a sata drive, it will disable a sata port. If its a pcie drive, it would be fine. Its fine to install it there.
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