[SOLVED] ASUS ROG Strix Z690-A Gaming WiFi D4 Motherboard - set up and install

Jan 23, 2022
ASUS ROG Strix Z690-A Gaming WiFi D4
GameMax RGB 550W Modular 80+ Gold
Intel Core i5 12600 Alder Lake-S (socket 1700 series 12)
KLEVV CRAS X RGB 32GB (in sockets 2 & 4 as per the manual)
Crucial P5 Plus CT500P5PSSD8 500GB (PCIe 4.0, 3D NAND, NVMe, M.2 SSD)

I just bought all the above for only my second ever build.

After powering up, it goes through the Q-LEDs and then gets stuck on The lat light (tyellowish-green / boot Q-LED), it comes on and stays on and I cannot solve it.

It doesn't power up the monitor so I cannot get into bios. (not using a GPU at the moment) - just standard motherboard graphics socket

My initial thoughts are the following:

Its either the power supply is not powerfull enough?

MB requires 2 x ATX12V
(but In the manual it does say you can use just 1).

My power supply is GameMax RGB 550W Modular 80+ Gold
this only has 1 x ATX 12V cable included.

or HDD issue (as I have also had issues in the past setting up new systems to SSD's could it be this?

any advise appreciated.
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Here is a link to the ASUS FAQ on what the lights mean and what to do about it:

On a new build, it would be normal to not have a boot device at all, hence the green light.

Look first as to why you get no output from your monitor.
Check the monitor cable connection to the motherboard.
Does the monitor have an input selection option to that cable?
Is the monitor powered on? The pc will not power on the monitor.

On the psu, the second eps connector is usually not needed.
I think you are ok there.
Without a discrete graphics card, the power requirements are minimal.
On such a nice pc, I think it would be wise to buy a new monitor that is capable of running your future graphics card and then some.
Look for a psu with a 7 to 10 year warranty.
Jan 23, 2022
Does the monitor have an input selection option to that cable?
Thanks so much, I cant believe I overlooked such a simple thing, its working fine now. I was thinking like a TV that it would come on whenever any of the connected sources are powered on/ detected the monitor would know. but the monitor didn't, as I was using a different cable type that the old motherboard so the INPUt on the monitor was set to the wrong source!

You would not believe what I have done in the last two days! changing every cable, uninstalling and reinstalling every component! phew I'm just kind of relived none of the components were bricked or fooked! and that I wasn't ripped off with some of the second hand bits!

thanks again
Oct 19, 2021
Hey there, can you please tell me which chipset drivers did you update? I've got the same mobo and 12700k and I've been so long out of Intels game that I dont know which ones should be updated.