Question Asus rog z490-a / 12 fans / 3 deepcool 4 slot fan hub - need help!


Oct 1, 2010
Hey guys,

Been a while since I posted here but I just went and built a new rig. I have 12 fans connected to 3 Deep cool fan hubs. Now the headers (Based on convenience ) are hooked up to the CHA fan 2, M.2 FAN and CPU fan headers. I have 3 fans on the one side of the 360mm rad and 3 on the other side, all 6 are connected to different hubs (Clearly my issue)
Ive been noticing that some of the fans (the ones designated CPU) cant go lower than 1300 RPM.(When I manually enter the RPM, I notice that it doesnt lower the RPM reading) I would like the rad fans (all 6) to sit around 1000 RPM. I then would like the remaining 6 case fans to sit somewhere around 400-800. Im trying to keep this a bit quieter, right now its a total wind tunnel!

Im posting to clarify, I want two fan hubs dedicated to the cpu fan/cpu opt? (the 6 connected to the rad) and the other two hubs connected to the CHA fan (1,2) or is it ok to use m.2?
I am waiting on my 3080 card, and when I do, I plan on redoing the management in the proper configuration.

The build:
CPU: i9-10900k
Motherboard: Asus rog strix z490-a
RAM: 64 GB (4x16gb DIMMS) Corsair 3200mhz ddr4 white RGB
GPU: Asus strix 970 (placeholder until asus strix 3080 oc comes in)
SSD: Samsung evo 970 Gen 3 PCIe 1tb
PSU: corsair rm1000 watt gold rated modular
AIO cooler: Asus rog strix LC 360
Cables: Thermaltake cable mods (white/black)
Fan hubs: Deep cool FH-04
Fans: Corsair AF120 white led x9 | Asus ROG fans x3 (came with AIO and is on the back of the rad)

Pictures: View:

Fan Setup in AI Suite: View:

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I would like this to be quiet, but also effective at cooling!
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