Question Asus ROG Z690 vs B660

Jul 16, 2022
So originally I was aiming to get the Asus ROG Z690 while looking up motherboards on pcpartpicker after settling on the ROG series. Two options came up, the Z690 and B660 models. After throwing them into, a lot of differences came up. A lot of the differences revolve around extra slots here and there with more 'overclocking' speed, which I'm not sure is important, as well as easier BIOs resetting. Looking at the graph, the biggest jump seems to be the audio because of the S/PDIF Out port (unless theres another factor) and I'm not sure what that is, even after looking it up.

I guess I'm asking for someone to help dumb it down for me as to which is better. Cost aside, what are the pros and cons of either? I heard the Z690's are the stronger made boards with higher grade parts and utility. Are the B660's a budget version? I'd appreciate someone breaking it down for me in english. Thank you!
Better? For what purpose and in what sense?

Reliability? Noticeable difference in performance? Freedom from buyer's remorse?

Do you have overclocking intentions?

What are your likely choices for CPU and video card and drives?

Can you name any Z690 features that you definitely could take advantage of?

If you bought a B660, would you be constantly second-guessing yourself, thinking you should have bought a Z690.....even if both worked fine for your purposes?

Is budget only a small consideration?

If you move away from the cheapest B660 options, I'd say the correlation between price and longer term satisfaction is minimal.....unless you need the specific features found only on a Z690 or if you wouldn't be able to live with yourself because you made the "wrong" choice...whatever that means.