Question Asus Router (Parental Control settings)


Jun 7, 2014
Hi, everyone, pretty new to this forum but spent quite sometime looking for answer to my question but no luck so through I'd ask:

I have ASUS DSL-AC68U(Firmware- router and I have set up a Parental Control, to shut off internet access for kids after certain time! But now time has come and kids got more and more creative at bypassing this, so basically whats happening they're managing to bypass intranet restrictions by changing their IP and Mac Address every-time,(even making it look like their connected as printer or table) so I am wondering if there is any way to stop this! I am no expert in networking so I thought I'd ask people with more knowledge!

You go to them and tell them they follow the rules or you will physical take their devices and lock them up. You say the connection is open and you are monitoring it and it is up to them to be sure their devices do not use any traffic during restricted hours. They now take the chance windows 10 takes a update in the middle of the night unless they power off the machines. Even if you don't actually monitor taking the device for 24hrs makes most children corporate so you do not have to do a lot.

Depends how much work you want to do. The simple solution is to add another simple router/AP. They get the password to that device. The main router only you have the wifi password. Use a timer type of device and turn the power off on the secondary router when you do not want them to have access.

There is no simple way to do this with consumer devices...especially if it has a dsl modem in it since it restricts your ability to run third party firmware.

The solution that is almost impossible to bypass is to run the wifi in enterprise mode. In this configuration every person has this own userid and password it is not shared. It is simple to set the wifi to enterprise mode but the hard part is you need a radius server. Once you have a radius server you can set many restriction.
Jun 28, 2019
If they’re cloning MAC address you should be giving them a pat on the back and encouraging them to enroll in some community college course. Instead of creating a table of MAC addresses and IPs that are blocked created one of devices that are only allowed. You’re blocking everything except what you allow, if they change their addresses they get blocked by default.